Multi-Media Interactive


We are a full-service digital design agency.

Inspired by the ability to translate graphic elements into compelling, meaningful messages, Multi-Media Interactive started in 2007 to share the passion for the power of visual communications with clients.

Think of a photo, movie scene, ad or logo that has stayed with you for years. Why? The creator reached your mind and emotions in a way you had never seen before – the visuals communicated a brand new message that hit you in your conscious and subconscious, becoming seared into your memory. Now, think about the possibilities if you could create that same experience for your target audience.

As we continue to grow, that challenge is what motivates the Multi-Media Interactive team on each project. With experience across an array of mediums and an individualized approach that provides undivided attention to each client, we are driven to create a unique, memorable experience that will keep your brand and messaging in the hearts and minds of your customers.

Our process is a strategy for success.


When you know you want something different, but don’t know how to get there, you need experts who not only spark ideas, but who can run with them.

We generate the best final product that meets all your desired outcomes by taking the time to research and fully understand your goals. By devoting this time in the early stages of a project, Multi-Media Interactive makes the most of your investment, ensuring all proposed options not only meet your needs, but ignites your enthusiasm.

The beauty of a fully integrated agency like Multi-Media Interactive is that we aren’t limited in the brainstorming process – movement, sound, text, video, interactive elements, print … nothing is off the table when we envision what the possibilities can be.


We’ve learned through experience that the creative process is not successful based on bursts of brainstorming, but on immersing ourselves in your vision for a period of time. Throughout this stage, we’ll work closely with you to focus in on creating an implementation plan. By dedicating the necessary time to transform our proposed concepts into a cohesive plan, we ensure all solutions are customized to meet your unique goals and that the end result will meet your timelines and fulfill your definition of success.

No matter what the medium or combination of elements, our team works within the latest industry standards and best practices so you can be confident the end result will position you for maximum success.


Anyone can think big or make promises, but true return on investment comes through flawless execution – and that’s where Multi-Media Interactive stands out. With undivided attention to our clients and a skilled, forward-thinking team that rivals metropolitan agencies, we pride ourselves in delivering best-in-class service, innovative solutions and work that exceeds expectations.